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Former Surfing Champion Shaun Tomson Ignites Dwyer Middle School's Year with the 'Code Method' of Inspiration and Empowerment

Posted Date: 9/15/23 (5:30 PM)


What an incredible start to the school year at Dwyer Middle School! Students embarked on it with a wave of inspiration, and it all began with a captivating message about the boundless power within us.

The Dwyer gym was lined with welcome posters and buzzed with excitement as Former World Surfing Champion Shaun Tomson graced the school with his wisdom as he spoke of the remarkable power we all possess to make the right decisions, the ability to craft our destinies with our choices, and the transformative power to shape our lives for the better. 

Tomson didn't just share words; he shared a philosophy, a way of life – the Code Method. He emphasized nurturing a powerful, positive, and purposeful attitude. Dwyer's students and staff actively engaged in the experience, developing their own unique Code: a set of principles and values that will be the compass and fuel Dwyer's mission throughout the school year. The goal? To cultivate a school culture filled with positivity and resilience, where every student and staff member leads with unwavering GRIT.

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