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Types of Board Meetings

School Board meetings and Study Sessions are open to the public.  The Huntington Beach City School District Board of Trustees generally holds one regular meeting and one Study Session each month. All Regular Board meetings and Study Sessions are generally scheduled at 6:00 p.m.

Regular Board Meetings

Regular Board Meetings are for general Board business items. The Huntington Beach City School District Board of Trustees is the governing, policy-making body of the District.

All Board meetings are open to the public, except those noticed in advance as Closed Sessions. Closed Session agenda items are announced in public and then discussed with only Board Members and District staff present. Closed Sessions are permitted by law and held in accordance with the state Open Meeting laws to allow Board Members to discuss confidential legal, personnel, and collective bargaining matters as well as certain real estate issues.

Study Sessions

Study Sessions are opportunities for the School Board to learn more about specific topics. No decisions are made at study sessions.  An opportunity for public comment is allowed at these meetings.

Special Meetings

Special Meetings held on a date other than a regularly scheduled board meeting may be needed for the School Board to take action.  Notice of these meetings must be posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Board Member Legal Authority

  1. Individual school Board members have no inherent powers by reason of holding office. Board members are reminded of their obligations as public servants.
  2. The only authority to direct action rests with the full majority of the Board sitting at the Board table.
  3. Board members may request action during Board meetings, explaining their interest in a particular course of action and asking that it come back as an action item.

The Board President will then restate the request, seek consensus from the entire Board to see if a majority supports having the item brought to an upcoming Board meeting for discussion/action.