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Meet the Team!

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Assistant Superintendent Cynthia Guerrero PictureDr. Cynthia Guerrero, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

Dr. Cynthia Guerrero has been in Huntington Beach City School District since 2005 serving as the principal at John H. Eader Elementary School.  While at John H. Eader Elementary School, she served as the first Preschool Director when the Preschool Academy first opened its doors in 2008 with two classes. After serving at Eader Elementary School, she became principal at Isaac L. Sowers Middle School for several years, then served as the Director of Child Welfare and Attendance for three years where she was recognized as the State Administrator of the Year- Pupil Services for the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA).  In July 2019, she assumed the role of Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, and continues to support and grow the Early Childhood Programs in Huntington Beach City School District.

Dr. Guerrero's background includes earning a bachelor's degree and teaching credential from the University of California at Irvine, a master's degree in Educational Administration from Pepperdine University, and her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California.  Prior to her responsibilities in administration, she taught elementary school and had been a preschool instructional assistant while attending college.  She continues to have a passion for learning and supporting the growth and learning of those around her.    


Director Jason Reyes Picture


Dr. Jason C. Reyes, Director of Early Childhood Education

In August 2022, Jason C. Reyes joined the Huntington Beach City School District as the Director of Early Childhood Education. Bringing over 14 years of experience in education, he has spent eight years teaching in both public and private sectors. Dr. Reyes has notably worked as a preschool special education teacher in various districts, including Irvine Unified, East Whittier City, and Beverly Hills. He holds multiple degrees and credentials, including a recent doctorate in Special Education from Concordia University Irvine. His varied educational and professional background equips him to foster inclusive learning environments for young children in the Huntington Beach community.




Early Childhood Technician Jocelyn Carbajal Picture


Jocelyn Carbajal, Early Childhood Technician 

Ms. Jocelyn has been a valuable member of the Huntington Beach City School District (HBCSD) since 2018, fulfilling various responsibilities as an Early Childhood Technician, particularly in aiding families through the enrollment process. Committed to staying familiar of best practices in her field, she recently obtained a Child Development Associate Teacher Permit from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. As a mother of two, Ms. Jocelyn takes great pleasure in supporting the children and families within the HBCSD community.

Instructional Staff

Perry Campus

Teacher Anna Chen Picture

Room 1: Mrs. Anna Chen | Preschool Instructor |

Ms. Anna has worked for HBCSD since 2022.  She currently holds an Associate of Arts Degree and Preschool Lead Teacher Permit from Orange Coast College.  Ms. Anna believes that each child learns in their own unique way, and understands it is her responsibility to provide ample opportunities where children can discover and become confident in their ability to learn.  She also believes children learn through hands-on experiences. 




Instructional Assistant Collette Tonsich Picture

Room 1: Ms. Collette Tonsich | Instructional Assistant |







Teacher Tammy Tang Picture
Room 2: Mrs. Tammy Tang | Preschool Instructor |

Ms. Tammy has worked for HBCSD since 2017.  She has a passion for fashion and education that prompted her to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).  Ms. Tammy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies from CSULB, and believes that teaching children is a gift as there are endless possibilities when looking through their lenses.



Instructional Assistant Sheldon Stires Picture

Room 2: Mr. Sheldon Stires | Instructional Assistant |

Mr. Sheldon has worked for since 2019.  He has earned an Associates of Arts Degree in Elementary Education, and is currently attending Arizona State University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Educational Studies.  Mr. Sheldon believes all children should have an equitable access to education regardless of any unique circumstances.





Teacher Kori Stephenson PictureRoom 3: Mrs. Kori Stephenson | Preschool Instructor |

Ms. Kori has worked with HBSD since 2011.  She received a Certificate in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on Preschool-aged children from Orange Coast College.  Ms. Kori has over 17 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, working with the local YMCA prior to HBCSD.  During her time with the YMCA, she had the opportunity to serve as Interim Director.  Ms. Kori strives to provide all students with a learning environment where they can explore and feel comfortable, and develop and overall love for school.



Instructional Assistant Kellie Gamboa PictureRoom 3: Mrs. Kellie Gamboa | Instructional Assistant |







Teacher Sara Fletcher PictureRoom 9: Mrs. Sara Fletcher | Preschool Instructor |

Ms. Sara has worked with HBCSD since 2013.  She has earned an Associate of Arts Degree from Orange Coast College.  In addition, Ms. Sara has also earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Arts Degree in Child Development.  With her personal education, Ms. Sara has worn many hats in the field of Early Childhood including: Preschool Director, Curriculum Coordinator, and Lead Teacher.  Ms. Sara understand her responsibility to provide children with a caring, nurturing, and safe environment that invites them to engage in meaningful and purposeful activities that foster the social, emotional, and cognitive skills that will enable them to be successful in their future school experiences.


Teacher Shari Blaich Kawai Picture

Room 9: Mrs. Shari Blaich-Kawai | Preschool Instructor |

Ms. Shari has worked for HBCSD since 2012.  She holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Orange Coast College where she also earned a Certificate in Early Childhood Education.  Ms. Shari is currently enrolled at Ashford University, where she is completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education.  While pursuing a higher education, she was Scholarship Grant recipient from Future Teachers of America.  Ms. Shari believes it is an honor to share in the excitement when a child discovers for themselves all that they are capable of, all that they can dream, and all that they can master. 



Instructional Assistant Rachel Dufresne PictureRoom 9: Mrs. Rachel Dufresne | Instructional Assistant |







Instructional Assistant Joanie Deckert PictureRoom 9: Ms. Joanie Deckert | Instructional Assistant |

Ms. Joanie joined the team at HBCSD Preschool Academy in 2023, bringing with her two years of dedicated experience in early childhood education. She attended Coastline College, where she earned not only one but three Associate of Arts Degrees in the fields of Human Services, Social Behavioral Sciences, and Arts and Humanities in the same year. Her commitment to her field was further demonstrated by obtaining a certificate in Early Childhood Education during her tenure at Coastline. Ms. Joanie is enthusiastic about applying her knowledge and skills to nurture and educate students in the full-day classroom setting.






Eader Elementary

Teacher Molly Kiefer PictureRoom 6: Mrs. Molly Kiefer | Preschool Instructor | 

Ms. Molly has worked with HBCSD since 2007.  Ms. Molly has participated in several higher education courses emphasizing in Early Childhood Education.  Being a mommy and a teacher are the only jobs she envisioned having as a young girl.  She enjoys every day working with her students, and is hopeful to have many more years with the Preschool Academy.




Instructional Assistant Jenny Stires PictureRoom 6: Mrs. Jenny Stires | Instructional Assistant |









Learning Link

Learning Link Facilitator Gloria Ronquillo

Room 13: Ms. Gloria Ronquillo | Learning Link Facilitator |

Ms. Gloria has worked with HBCSD since 2022.  She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor's Degree in Child & Adolescent Development in Spring of 2022.  She plans to return to CSUF to pursue a teaching credential in Early Childhood Special Education.  Ms. Gloria believes children learn best when they feel safe and confident in an environment, and it is the role of teachers to provide littles with such a place.




Preschool Substitutes 

Angie Castaneda PictureMs. Angie Castaneda |

Ms. Angie has worked with HBCSD since 2021.






Riham Ahmed PictureMrs. Riham Ahmed

Ms. Riham has worked with HBCSD 2021.






Alivia Batta Picture

Ms. Alivia Batta 

Ms. Alivia has worked with HBCSD since 2022.