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September Board Meeting Highlights

Posted Date: 9/15/23 (6:30 PM)

September Board Meeting Highlights

Peterson Field Lighting Project Approval

The Board of Trustees approved the proposed lighting project at the Peterson Elementary School field and authorized staff to install lighting on the Peterson Elementary School campus to improve green space in the community, emphasizing lighting HBCSD fields.

Resolution 08-23/24 Recognition Of October 2023 As Dyslexia Awareness Month

The HBCSD Board of Trustees approved the resolution recognizing October 2023 as Dyslexia Awareness Month. Our District is committed to fostering awareness and strengthening our efforts in shedding light on this topic to identify, treat, and prevent problems associated with dyslexia to ensure success for every student with dyslexia. 

Orange County Department Of Education (OCDE) Professional Development: History/Social Science Adoption Process

The contract between the OCDE and HBCSD to support the professional development and adoption of History/Social Science instructional materials was approved to assist in the professional development and adoption process of History/Social Science instructional materials, which follows our Board Policies and Administrative Regulations. This contract allows a process to engage teachers and staff in understanding the shifts in the History/Social Science Framework, analyze the components of aligned instructional materials, calibrate the use of an evaluation tool for the pilot process, use the evaluation tool to analyze publisher materials, and pilot instructional materials to be considered for adoption. We will begin engaging in the curriculum adoption process outlined in the Board Policy. The process will include outreach to the community and public display of recommended materials. 

2022-23 Unaudited Actuals

The 2022-23 Unaudited Actuals Report was approved. These figures represent the final financial outcomes, including revenues and expenditures, following the completion of fiscal year-end closing activities. 

Unaudited Actuals Report Presentation

Resolution No. 07-23/24 Authorizing Agreement With Gold Coast Fence To Install Fencing At Hawes, Moffett And Seacliff Elementary Schools Pursuant To Public Contract Code Section 22034 (D)

Board approved Resolution 07-23/24 authorizing an agreement with Gold Coast Fence to install fencing. This work is focused on replacing the six-foot fencing around the kindergarten areas with eight-foot anti-climb fencing. 

Superintendent's Message

Safety Update

Dear HBCSD Community,

I hope the beginning of this school year has been a positive experience for all. We are excited to embark on our best year yet.

Safety remains a critical District goal for the 2023-24 school year. While we continue our commitment to providing a nurturing and engaging learning environment, we recognize that the safety and security of our students, staff, and the entire school district is a top priority.

Since 2018, HBCSD has implemented various safety and security measures aligned with recommendations from the Department of Homeland Security and the Orange County Grand Jury. These measures include fortified perimeters, single-point entries, enhanced campus surveillance, the Raptor visitor management system, a unified communication network, and other enhancements.

Last year, in close collaboration with local law enforcement, we extensively reviewed our school safety practices, procedures, and facility requirements. This review has led to enhancements, including:

I Love U Guys Training: Over the summer, district administrators, teachers, and support staff from all schools attended the I Love U Guys safety training program. This training centered on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and the Standard Reunification Method (SRM), providing a rational and adaptable framework for responding to various safety threats. We are now preparing for further training of our site safety teams and refining our safety plans. All our schools have adopted the "I Love You Guys" Standard Response Protocol (SRP), ensuring that emergency responses are uniform, planned, and well-practiced.

WeTip 2.0: We have partnered with WeTip 2.0, a 24-hour anonymous reporting system, enabling anyone to report suspicious activity and safety concerns via phone, text, or an online form. In the coming weeks, we will share more details about this program.

Emergency Supplies: We have secured and distributed consistent and up-to-date emergency supplies across all our sites. These supplies include site-wide disaster kits and a Stop The Bleed/First Aid Kit/Backpack for every classroom, stocked with essential emergency items.

Security Film: After a thorough evaluation in collaboration with district leadership, HBPD, and our risk management company, we have opted for heavy mirrored security film as an enhancement on building windows that are outside the fence perimeter. The security film installation is in progress and is expected to be complete at all sites by the end of September.

Controlled Entry: To strengthen the safety of our students, staff, and visitors, we are installing front lobby security systems, which encompass a camera doorbell, electronic lock, and an intercom system. Our district team is diligently working on full implementation and integration, and rollout will begin soon.

Fencing: The fencing project at Hawes, Moffett, and Seacliff Elementary in the kindergarten areas will replace the existing six-foot fence with the new district standard eight-foot anti-climb fencing. Completion is anticipated by January 2024. We recognize that other district fencing must be upgraded to the new district standard. However, The current priority is to address the most vulnerable kindergarten areas. 

Radios: To enhance communication during emergencies, we will implement standardized radios, expected to arrive in late September. District staff will undergo training on radio operation once the system is integrated.

We remain committed to evaluating our safety practices and project list, making adjustments as needed within our budgetary constraints to ensure the well-being of our entire school district community.

Your continued support and cooperation are deeply appreciated. Together, we can create an environment where our children can thrive, secure in the knowledge that their safety is our paramount concern.

Thank you for being an essential part of our commitment to safety.
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