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Virtual Program

Enrollment Process

  1. Review the Virtual Program Presentation to learn about the program and requirements
  2. After reviewing the presentation, complete the Virtual Program Interest Form
  3. Complete the Virtual Program Master Agreement and submit the completed Virtual Program Master Agreement to

If you have further questions, please email our Educational Services Department at

Q: What electives will be available for Grades 6-8?

A: We are currently working on the elective schedule based on teacher availability.  The electives will be very limited.

Q: Are chrome books required?

A: Yes, district issued chrome books are required to participate.  We will provide students enrolled in the virtual program a chromebook.

Q: Can students do the virtual program for one semester only?

A: Yes. We suggest that parents transition their children between the virtual program and in-person schooling at natural breaks in the school year (i.e. beginning of quarter/semester or trimester). Students will be changing schools, teachers, and classrooms- this is a big transition.

Q: Can a student in special education join the virtual program?

A: This is an IEP team decision. The IEP team will meet within the first 30 days of school to determine if our virtual program is an appropriate placement for the student.

Q: Can students enroll in-person and then into the virtual program if the need arises?

A: Yes. We suggest that parents transition their children between in-person schooling and the virtual program at natural breaks in the school year (i.e. beginning of quarter/semester or trimester). Students will be changing schools, teachers, and classrooms- this is a big transition.

Q: Will the window be open in winter to re-enroll if we choose to?

A: Yes. The window will reopen after the school year is underway.

Q: When do the trimesters and quarters begin?

A: Elementary→  Trimester 1- September 9, 2021 

Trimester 2- December 13, 2021

Trimester 3- March 21, 2022

Middle School→  Quarter 1- September 9, 2021

Quarter 2- November 15, 2021

Quarter 3- February 15, 2022

Quarter 4- April 18, 2022

Q: What if you are unable to submit work by 5:00 PM?  

A: Please work with the teacher to communicate your needs.

Q: Is there a different curriculum for GATE students for the Virtual Program, or is GATE in-person only?

A: GATE curriculum is offered in-person only. 

Q: Can you please define live interaction and synchronous instruction?

The state defines live interaction as between the student and classified or certificated staff (may include peers). Purpose: maintaining school connectedness, includes wellness checks, progress monitoring, provision of services, and instruction. May take place in-person, via internet or telephonic communication. 

The state defines synchronous instruction as classroom-style instruction; designated small groups, or one-on-one. Delivered in person, via internet or telephonic communications, and involving live two-way communication between the teacher and pupil. Shall be provided by the teacher for the student.

Q: What are the grade level requirements for live interaction and synchronous instruction?

Grades TK-3: Daily synchronous instruction

Grades 4-8: Both daily live interaction and weekly synchronous instruction

Q: How can I withdraw my child from the Virtual Program program?

A: Please email our Educational Services Department at with your request. Please include your child’s name, grade, and contact information.

Q: Will students have direct teacher instruction via Zoom?

A: Yes. Times will vary depending on grade level. Direct teaching via Zoom will be much less than the distance learning model for 2020-21.

Q: What will be the grading system?

A: Students in the Virtual Program will receive credit/ no credit.

Q: Will there be a study hall or a Zoom meeting for students to join if they have questions on work or need help on something?

A: Yes. Teachers will hold office hours in the afternoon for 1 hour by appointment.

Q: What involvement are you expecting from parents in the Virtual Program?

A: Parents will play a large role in their child’s education. Parents will need to be available to support and guide their child with the workload, participate in all mandatory meetings, submit all paperwork in a timely manner, confirm that student meets all requirements for enrollment in HBCSD (i.e. residency, immunizations, etc.), and be an observer in Canvas.

Q: Why are there no excused absences? 

A: This is a state requirement. Students will have until 5:00 PM each day to submit their work

Q: Is there a possibility that my children could have the same weekly check-in meeting time? 

A: This is a possibility. This would depend on their grade levels and teacher availability.

Q: Will virtual students have the same materials as in-person students?

A: Yes. Virtual students will receive the same textbooks and workbooks as in-person students. 

Q: What penalties occur if we have an absence?

A: All absences will be marked as unexcused. Three or more unexcused absences may result in: mandatory conferences, academic contracts, warning letters, and possible referral to regular in-person school schedule.

Q: Are virtual assignments similar to in-person assignments? 

A: Yes. All curriculum is based on the CA Department of Education content standards for each subject and grade level.

Q: If a student starts the year in the virtual program, would he/she be able to join the GATE class at the home school later in the year?

A: This depends on space availability for the in-person classroom.

Q: At the end of the year, if a student had been learning virtually and in-person- how are his/her grades calculated?  

A:  While students are virtual, he/she will earn credit/no credit.  However, if the student changes to in-person, he/she will be graded on work completed and assessed during the period of their in-person enrollment.

Q: How many teachers are there for grades TK-5?  

A: At this point, we have two teachers assigned to elementary grades.  Staffing, like staffing in-person,