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Hawes Elementary’s Market Day Boomed with Business
Posted 6/21/22

Hawes Market Day

Successful entrepreneurship requires strong innovation and creativity - Hawes Elementary students showcased these skills when their ingenuity was put to the test on Market Day

The fifth-grade student project offers students an opportunity to learn business and marketing skills by developing their own business idea that culminates with the setup of a ‘store-front’ for classmates and families to ‘shop’ on Market Day. Students can choose to work individually or in small groups to come up with a product or service to sell for their business. Students earn Market Day money throughout the year by completing tasks such as turning in assignments on time, volunteering, class participation, and more. 

Various real-world concepts are an important component of Market Day, including business, supply-and-demand, marketing strategies, customer service, money management, and brand development.

Hawes students were encouraged to brainstorm various ideas on how they could ensure their product and storefront succeeded in the marketplace. One caveat in developing the businesses was that food wasn’t a product option, so students had to think outside of the box as far as which products would be most successful. Some of the Market Day products presented this year included new/used toys, handmade jewelry, and slime-making kits, to name a few. 

“Students' enthusiasm and passion for their businesses never cease to amaze!” said Hawes Teacher Ms. Jennifer DeStefano. “It’s incredible to showcase their hard work and dedication to classmates and families on Market Day.”