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Learning Link

Learning Link
In the Huntington Beach City School District
The Learning Link in the Huntington Beach City School District has been strategically designed to be a participatory, engaging program for children and their families. The structure includes the Director of Early Childhood Education, visits from the School Readiness Nurse, and a partnership with THINK Together that includes a Site Facilitator and AmeriCorps members. Periodic workshops for families are designed around topics that have surfaced during interactive sessions.
The VISION of the Learning Link is to work in partnership with our community to provide enriched and engaging opportunities for children and families to grow and develop together.
Toward our vision, we believe:
...all children are competent, capable, and intrinsically motivated learners
...a child's family members are their primary, and continuous educators
...children and adults learn through active and engaged participation in meaningful and relevant experiences
...collaboration and reflection are important tools in the development of authentic partnerships with children and families
In the Huntington Beach School District,
the Learning Link is... the Learning Link is not...
An intentionally developed environment that includes access to all materials and that is enriched with rotating open-ended provocations An environment where children engage with adult-directed activities that have been developed with a specific product in mind
A space that is welcoming, inviting and safe as a high-quality entry into the school district A classroom designed for preschool-aged children prior to their entry into a structured school environment
Serves as a high-quality entry into the school district A fee-for-service program where families or caregivers sign up in advance for specific sessions
Open session where families and caregivers are welcome at any time between the hours of 9:00AM - 11:30AM Time-driven session where that are large group activities or scheduled, adult-organized projects
A place where families are encouraged to learn, model and develop strong parenting and caregiving techniques A place where families or caregivers take a break work or use cell phones