Huntington Beach City School District

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Fiscal Services


Gregory Magnuson
Interim Superintendent
Thoraia Soliman
Executive Director, Fiscal Services
714-964-8888 x2060

Pam Ogdon
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
714-964-8888 x2051  

Gail Prestegard
Lead Payroll/Benefits Technician
Pay warrants, retirement, jury duty, fringe benefits, health insurance, TSA's
714-964-8888 x2064

Jessie Lee
Payroll/Benefits Technician, Classified, sick leave, vacation, H&W insurance billing
714-964-8888 x2066

Cindy Emmer
Payroll/Benefits Technician, Certificated, sick leave, COBRA, H&W insurance database
714-964-8888 x2065

Yen Tonnu
Account Technician
Accounts Payable, Bond
714-964-8888 x2061

Candice Romero
Accounts Receivable, Position Control, Budgets, Transfers, Petty Cash/Conferences
714-964-8888 x2062
Ed Baek
Account Technician
Position Control, Budgets, County Access Rights, Transfers, Reimbursements
714-964-8888 x2098
Colleen Rude-Hulbert
714-964-8888 x2063

Susanne Wagner
Procurement Agent
Purchase orders, Office equipment Repair, Construction bids, Contracts, Leases, Fixed Assets
714-964-8888 x2067
Gladys Elizondo
Purchasing Technician               
Purchase orders, warehouse orders      
714-964-8888 x2068            

Mark Francovig
Storekeeper/Delivery Driver, Fixed Assets