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ScienceWorks » Materials Resource Center (MRC)

Materials Resource Center (MRC)

The Materials Resource Center is responsible for kit distribution for our three districts.  Each district has a rotating schedule that changes from year to year to ensure equity for all our classrooms.  Please see the rotation schedules that are posted on the right side of this page for this year's schedule.  The following information is important for all those who use ScienceWorks:
  • When you get your kit delivered, use the receive column to check off the items.  If anything is missing please notify the Materials Resource Center (MRC) within ten days of receipt of the kit.  The MRC will then send you the missing items.  If the MRC has not been notified within ten days we will assume you have received all items.
  • Use the return column of the Materials List when you return the kit.  Check off all non-consumable and unused consumable items you are returning.  Note if items are lost or damaged.  Return all non-consumable items, unused consumable items, and all packaging.  The Materials Resource Center cleans and recycles many items.  Let us decide if the items should be thrown away.
  • If your class size is larger than 30 students, contact Sarita at the MRC for more supplies.
  • When you return the kit, include any suggestions that might be useful to the Curriculum Resource Teacher or the Materials Resource Center.  Fill out the evaluation on the reverse side of the information sheet.
  • Don’t forget to return the Teacher’s Guide.
  • As we transition into NGSS, we appreciate your willingness to explore new content areas for your grade levels.  We realize there are many gaps to fill and are working to support you these next few years the best we can.  Please take this time to try out new things!  See our new NGSS page for ideas.  We would also love to get feedback on lessons you have tried and want to share.
  • Questions regarding kit delivery and materials contact:

Sarita Vaughn 714-847-8121

Questions regarding curriculum and training contact:    

FVSD:      Lindsey Ruck

HBCSD:  Monica Nash

WSD:     Sarah Rendon

Thank you,

Sarita Vaughn

Science Works MRC Manager

County Mail #28