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Points Of Contact

We encourage stakeholder communication to the Board of Trustees and Superintendent. To ensure you receive prompt acknowledgement of your communication, we have provided a breakdown of who to contact on various topics of interest. You are welcome to "cc" the Superintendent on any communication. 


Facilities/Measure 'Q' Modernization & Budget/Fiscal

If you have questions, suggestions or concerns regarding our facilities or any project related to the Measure 'Q' Bond Program along with budgetary concerns, we encourage you to contact:



Jenny Delgado - Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services



Educational Programs and Services

If you have questions related to general education programs and services, we encourage you to contact:



Dr. Cynthia Guerrero - Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services



Human Resources and Personnel 

If you have concerns related to staff members of HBCSD or general employment questions, we encourage you to contact:



Patricia Hager - Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources



Special Education/Student Services

If you have questions or concerns related to Special Education matters, we encourage you to contact:



Megan Kempner - Executive Director, Student Services



District-Wide Initiatives and Overall Stakeholder Interest 

If you have questions or concerns regarding any District-wide program or service we encourage you to contact the Superintendent's Office:



Dr. Leisa Winston, Superintendent




1) Individual school Board members have no inherent powers by reason of holding office. Board members are reminded of their obligations as public servants.


2) The only authority to direct action rests with the full majority of the Board sitting at the Board table.


3) Board members may request action during Board meetings, explaining their interest in a particular course of action and asking that it come back as an action item.


If you wish to contact the Board, please click the following link to view the Board's webpage which features their individual contact information: Board Member Bios/Contact Information